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How Shoes and Music Cater to the Sole and Soul

When you stop and think about it, shoes and music have long been intertwined.

Elvis Presley sung about Blue Suede Shoes. Run-D.M.C rapped about My Adidas. Even
Jennifer Lopez sang about spending a mile in her shoes.

Fresh kicks have always been part of the musical culture as well. From shoe designs inspired
by The Beatles to Kanye West creating his own footwear, multiple artists have either dipped
their toe in the shoe industry or have encouraged manufacturers to come up with unique

But when shoes and music combine, it’s more than a fashion statement. It can improve your
physical and mental state. Here’s why choosing the right footwear and listening to the
perfect tune is critical to your wellbeing.

How Shoes Cater to Your Physical Wellbeing
Whether it’s for standing around all day, walking to the coffee shop, or dancing the night
away, you need to ensure you have the right shoes for every activity. An uncomfortable pair
of shoes is not only going to cause you pain, but they can also eventually develop into
serious health issues.

There are several reasons to choose the right pair of shoes to live your life in. Some of the
key ones include:

 It provides comfort when participating in low-effort activities as well as strenuous
 The right shoes can aid in the alignment of your feet when it creates impact with a
 In the middle of a shoe is the midsole, which provides cushioning and reduces the
amount of force going through your body.

How Music Improves Your Emotional State
There’s no denying that music is powerful. Not only does it provide entertainment, but it’s
also been proven to have incredibly positive effects on the brain. It even has an impact on
how we feel.

It doesn’t matter what type of genre you prefer to listen to through your headphones. Once
you find music that speaks to you, it can trigger emotions, thoughts, and even memories. It
has the power to transport you back to a moment in your life and relive the feelings that
came with it.

There are many other positive mental health benefits that music provides. Some of them

 It has the power to elevate your motivation and mood.

 Music is known to reduce stress.
 Listening to music can improve your focus.
 It can help you relax.
 Music can reduce depression and anxiety.

How to Help Both Worlds
Your wellbeing needs to be whole. You can’t have great physical wellness and poor mental
health. It also doesn’t work the other way around either. Music and shoes provide a perfect
combination of being able to support both worlds.

Oxford and Amies are also passionate about supporting physical and mental wellbeing
through shoes and music. We work with dedicated people around the San Bernardino
County to help ease the suffering of others. A donation can go a long way. Get in touch with
us today to find out how you can help.

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